Stats: 5’4”

Degree: Bachelor of Arts


Location: Toronto, ON

Willing to travel

Film & Television

YOU GOT TRUMPED!                    Principal      MiraMedia/Together Media/Derek Harvie

I LOVE YOU, IS THAT OK?            Principal      Hustle & Heart Films/Mazi Khaleghi

HOW IT ALL BEGAN                      Actor           Bastille Day Productions/Dennis Nolette

NO PLACE TO HIDE                      Lead            NPTH Productions/James Finlay 

SICILIAN VAMPIRE                        Actor           In Your Ear Prod. Ltd/Frank D'Angelo


ON AGAIN OFF AGAIN                  Principal      Movement Media Ent. Ltd./Antoine Biko

HANDSOME DEVILS                     Principal      Handsome Prod Inc/Crispin Reece

KALE                                               Lead           229 Productions/Evan Brown


HOODS                                           Lead           Toronto Film School


BROKEN TIES                                Lead           Toronto Film School


A BEAUTIFUL RUSH                      Lead           Shawn Nova Prods.


THE LOVING DEAD                       Lead            Trebas Institute


THROUGH HER EYES                   Principal      Centennial College


HOLLYWOOD'S WATCHING          Actor           MMG






2010 - present
2010 - present

BEST BUY                                           Principal       Matt Eastman/Touchpoint Films    

BUD LIGHT SUPERBOWL                  Principal        OPC Productions/Jon Weiman   

OXFORD COLLEGE WEBSITE          Principal        Team SLE Advertising


THORNHILL SMILE CENTRE             Principal        Team SLE Advertising



WOODY ALLEN'S GOD                    Narrator        Malvern Collegiate Institute

THE WIZARD OF OZ                        Dorothy         St. Anslem's Productions 

Training & Workshops

  Scene Study                                    Straeon


  Advanced Class                              Beverly Hills Playhouse 


  On-Camera Class                           The Actor's Gym 


  On-Camera Class                           Lewis Baumander 


  Advanced On-Camera Class          Walter Alza Studio


  On-Camera Class                           Pro Actor's Lab


  The Actor's Workout                       Armstrong Studios


  Acting Fundamentals                      Sears & Switzer






British RP, Eastern-European Accent, Fluent in Bulgarian,

Certified Zumba Instructor, Salsa Dance, Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing.  













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